Gametography30 - Aug 2020: Completing the challenge (Day 16-30)

Getting to the finale

Gametography30 - Aug 2020: Completing the challenge (Day 16-30)

Continuing to take shots for #Gametography30 challenge has been fun. The challenge was supposed to be done in 30 days by the end of July, but I was just at the halfway point then. You can read more about in my Day 1-15 post. It did get pushed to the back of my mind for a bit, but I wanted to get through all the challenges In the end it took me a month longer, but was a whole lot of fun.

Day 16: Dimmed Light

Control seemed to be the right choice for this theme. I keep getting in and out of this game but every time I visit the FBC, the lighting always remains striking and ominous.

Day 17: Explosions

Controls features again along with Nioh 2. It really is fun to throw stuff around in Control. A fully interactable, breakable environment.

Day 18: Rain

I really love the rain in Nioh 2. Koei Tecmo has made sure to use it as an indication of the story's current situation.

Day 19: Half n' Half

Half n' half was another interesting theme to explore. To show two sides of a character in a single shot. I looked at many examples for this and it just kinda clicked to use Nioh 2's yokai transformation of the protagonist for this theme. It was fun getting the shots aligned after taking them.

Day 20: Conceptual

It took me some time to grasp this theme and I went for something really simple for it. I still need to work on getting more shots for this concept.

Day 21: Phobia

Nioh is a very challenging game. It is after in the Soulsborne genre. It goes without saying that all enemies are challenging in this game. But among them, the one enemy that stands out and still gives me the shivers is Raven Tengu (Karasu Tengu). One of the yokai with no weaknesses and a mission to be as annoying as possible.

It was only when I was taking shots for the challenge that I noticed the eyes on the torso of the Tengu. It upped the creep factor by 10. This did seem like a right fit for the "Phobia" theme.

Day 22: Adventure

I remember the day I started playing Nioh 2. Getting out of that character creator and entering the Interim. I still have chills when I think about, the start of an adventure, of 100s of hours of fun challenges, battles and this time, gametography.

Day 23: Candid

I am still touch and go with Candid photography, but getting this shot of Hattori Hanzo chilling with the Scampuss just seemed right for the theme.

Day 24: Mirror

For the mirror theme, I had taken a lot of shots of Ellie in Last of Us Part II, but when I say @_MicroMushroom_'s post of the duplicates, I just knew that that would make a much more playful and suitable fit to this theme.

Day 25: No Face

Capturing No Face shots made me think of Control again with its mysterious shadows until I came across Benkei. I loved this guy's look from the moment I laid eyes on him with his mysterious hood and brooding, overpowering look.

Day 26: Urban

Finally, I got a chance to use shots from Last of Us Part II. These are early in the journey from Seattle. The post-apocalyptic, overgrown setting of Seattle was perfect for this theme.

Day 27: Movement

I have taken very limited shots of a boss fight in Nioh 2, most of them being so intense and demanding my entire concentration. BUt when I had to redo the fight with Gyuki, I just used the opportunity to capture a few shots of the finishing attack on the yokai.

Day 28: Dutch Angle

I wanted to explore this theme and get it right, but I chose to take a few shots from my archives. At the time, the light tilt seemed to add a certain weight to the shot and it was only later that I found of its significance in photography and cinematography.

Day 29: One Color

I made use of Control again for this theme. The filters in the game allowed me to create shots adhering to the theme.

Day 30: Action

I had to end with a bang and with a bang, I did. One of my most favorite shots from Nioh 2, which I captured as I was doing the fishing attacks on the largest yokai in the game. I made use of the scene-by-scene feature of the game's photo mode and love the angle of the capture.

In Closing

I loved participating in the #Gametography30 challenge. The challenge helped me upgrade my skills again and got me out of my comfort zone. I worked on themes I don't usually explore and even now, I see what I could have done better and work on honing the skill. I will keep exploring more and playing around with themes I am not comfortable with to expand my capabilities.