Hello, I am Godric Snow

I am a coder by day, and an avid explorer of magical worlds by night. I love to read, write and game. I always am on the lookout for new worlds to explore.

Welcome to Times of Snow! This is my humble corner of the internet, where I talk about games, movies, series, books and a lot about life. This is one of the results of Covid-19, where back in May 2020, I wanted to create a space to channel my thoughts. I had long been toying with the idea to combine my passion to write and my love for Gametography. So, it was only natural, I bring it to life through the site.

It started with Gametography and life and over the years, this corner has come to hold my rants, thoughts, ramblings, ideas, reviews and so much more. I try my best to write every week and channel that energy from doom scrolling to doom creating.

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Feel free to browse and find what you like across my blog. I am always up for a conversation. You can find me on twitter at @godric_snow.