Ted Lasso: Less of a sports comedy, more of a motivating, heart warming TV series

Life lessons from soccer.

Ted Lasso: Less of a sports comedy, more of a motivating, heart warming TV series

Through the high praise of TidyMice, I made the choice to watch Ted Lasso. I basically was ignoring the series because I expected a cringey sports comedy. But then Tidy was like: "I just had a look at the trailer, and they cleverly masked Ted Lasso as a sports comedy with only men, when in fact it is a feminist relationship drama/comedy" and stated the fact that Honest Trailers called Ted "the world's first manic pixie dream dad".

So, thanks to Sony and their promotional offer of the 6 month subscription of Apple TV for PS5 owners and thanks to my friend for having a PS5 and being able to redeem the offer, I was able to access Ted Lasso.

Right out off the bat, I understood what Tidy had meant about the series being something more than a sports comedy. Here was Ted, who had moved all this way from USA to UK just to coach a soccer team. Previously an American football coach, it made no sense for him to coach a totally different sport, the rules of which he wasn't even clear on. We do later find out that it was all an intentional plan by the current owner of the team, Rebecca, so that Ted would screw up the team and their chances at winning the Champion's Cup, just to spite her ex-husband.

However, this challenge is not at all daunting to the ever optimist, Ted, who faces it head on with assistant Coach Beard and the water guy turned second assistant coach, Nathan. In the team, we have the sub-plot rivalry between the team captain, Roy Kent and the rising star, Jamie. The old vs. the young and that sets the scene for some interesting locker room and field interactions. A few other characters who make the whole mix worth it are Keeley, Jamie's fiancée and Higgins, team manager and Rebecca's assistant.

Throughout the season, we see Ted bringing the team together. Independent of the sport, Ted shows that the rules of comradery are common and motivates his team to work together. He even inspires the arrogant Jamie to become a team player, albeit to his detriment as Jamie uses to score the winning goal against Ted's team.

One of the greatest things is the first season, which continues in the second season is the romance between Keeley & Roy Kent. Keeley breaks up with Jamie for being a twat and somehow, a spark between her and Roy light up their relationship. However, throughout the second season, the ups and down between them! They seem like the perfect pair, made for each other. You can see Roy's brash character battling with his passion and romance. However, at the end of the second season, it seems things between the two are tense. Why did they leave it hanging like that?!

Evolution of relationships

Relationships are at the core of Ted Lasso. While the characters start out all spread over, we see them form unexpected friendships and bonds over the course of the first season. Keeley becomes friends with Rebecca. The Diamond Dogs with Ted, Coach Beard, Nathan and Higgins is formed to help sort out relationship problems. Ted's relationships evolve with the people around him. Ted & the team. Ted & Nate. Ted & Keeley. Ted & his family. Ted & Trent Crimm, the Independent. Ted & the fans in the bar. Ted & Rebecca. Ted & Dr. Sharon.

Along with relationships, we have the heart breaks. Ted realizes that his relationship with his wife is going nowhere and has to end it, while Rebecca works on getting over her cheating ex-husband.

Through the second season, we get an insight into Ted's personal life. A break from his wife has affected him personally and you can see the strains on the people around him as evident in Nathan's descent into madness. Introducing the team therapist, Dr. Sharon, we see a weird new dynamic play out for Ted. here's a tough nut to crack and befriend. And yet, hiding behind his smile, we see the pain that Ted carries, which ironically becomes one of the foundations of befriending the doctor.

Final Thoughts

The first season lays a solid foundation. Ted settling in, doomed to fail. Yet ever the optimist, motivates the team & brings them together.

The second season gets a bit more personal and up close to Ted. It was also good to see the bonds formed in the first season, strengthen in the second.

I love how deep the series gets at times, handling serious topics of relationships and heartbreaks on lighter notes. Overall, I was happy about being recommended the series and it turned out to be one of the best series I had ever watched.