Resolutions 2022: To journey, greet Destiny and be better

3000 times better and more.

Resolutions 2022: To journey, greet Destiny and be better

The last month of 2021 had been quite life changing, literally and now I stand staring down at a new year filled with possibilities. As I wait in anticipation for the year ahead, I thought that I should take a moment and set the intention for the year ahead. It is the time to decide the type of person I can shape myself into and take forward the initiatives that I made to the next level.

Small Wins

The theme I want to start of with is small wins. A couple of months ago, I tweeted this out and now I understand the importance of celebration even more. I believe that every little bit counts and that it makes it all the more easier to make progress.

All we need to do is start and prove it to ourselves with small wins.

Create videos

In line with the theme, I am quite happy with the daily progress I make with the commitment I took up. 30 videos over a month starting from 25th December, 2021. I can't believe it has been 9 videos already and I find myself having a whole lot of fun in the creative process.

I carry around the blue spiral notebook to make note of the scripts and ideas, starting with the theme list for the 30. It is all disconnected at this point, but I see the themes and myself evolve as I progress. On that note, I am glad I get to do this with my brother as it gives me an opportunity to brainstorm and not do this all alone (we have indeed come a long way since brainstorming for the Tyomnaya Noch).

I also did an unplanned pilot stream of Coffee with Snow playing Yakuza Kiwami. With some editing magic, we will have the first episode, of many planned down the road.


While my focus has been on making videos, I do not want to leave behind this major aspect of my life: writing. The other commitment I put to myself is to bring together the nuggets of knowledge gathered during the Walk. I am glad to say that I have got the list together and now begins the journey to get it together creatively.

On the same lines, I hope to pen down my thoughts as I collect stories from the past and the future and my learnings in this space.

Create a world of my own

Taking the line of thinking with writing further, I hope to create a world or two over this year. It is time to bring the journeys to the paper and flesh out stories. Ever since Eragon, it has always been my desire to build a world and now, I have new knowledge I can make use of. It is all coming together and I am excited.

Merging the two worlds

Since its inception, Godric Snow stayed distinct from my identity, a persona I can escape to. But over the Walk, I came to realize how this very persona is part of my core identity. So over the coming year, I aim to merge the two worlds and create a balance so I can easily make use of my learnings.


Every year it has been my desire to travel more, but the last 2 years this idea has been hobbled by Covid and the lockdowns. In breaking this curse, I got to travel by flight for the first time in my life, in December and it was quite an exhilarating experience. I definitely look forward to taking this further this year with solo trips and trips with family and explore the relics & ruins of cities past.


It has always been my desire to share knowledge and teach. I want to take this a few steps further in the coming year. It started with technology and I know I can go further by sharing building blocks so that anyone can get started. I am excited by the possibilities ahead and a chance to share my learnings and methods in coding. Ideally, I will be able to bring a flavor of fantasy to it.

Develop apps

I have always had this idea for Micro App Saturdays, where I spend a day to build out an app and experiment with new learnings. I do not know if I can do it every Saturday, but I hope to build more experiments this year, mainly honing my skills for the web. Perhaps I can dust off the Excerpt app and start building upon that too.

Noble silence

Long have I got used to the voices around me (esp. my own) that I have found myself uncomfortable with silence. And yet, in the Walk, having had a chance to dwell in it, I have found the benefits of silence. I believe it was easier when we were closer to nature, but here, in the hustle-bustle of the city, it is hard to turn down the volume. Having chosen to adopt this as a value, I am going to aim to become comfortable with silence.

Here's to a year of possibilities!

So much to say, but most of all, thank you. Thank you for making it here!

Originally published on December 30th, 2023. An article that stayed in the archives for too long. Here's to clearing backlogs!