Whenever I came across Jujutsu Kaisen on Netflix, I thought the series was about martial arts. I mistook Jujutsu as the martial arts, Jujitsu and dismissed the series until recently, when I was looking for an anime to watch in company with my sister. I was ready to give this a chance and asked my sister to join me. It was then that she informed me that she had already finished the series to my detriment. However, I wanted to give the anime a chance and I started the anime with the mistaken impression about it. And damn, was I in for a surprise?!

Jujutsu refers to all spells and skills sorcerers and cursed spirits can use through the manipulation of their own cursed energy. The term "Jujutsu" is an umbrella that encompasses all curse-related mystical arts.

Cursed Energy (呪力 Juryoku?) refers to the amount of negative energy a jujutsu user possesses. It is born from negative emotions such as grief and anger, and thus exists within every human being. The aforementioned emission of cursed energy is a common and natural phenomenon from which curses are born from. Jujutsu sorcerers possess the ability to reduce the amount of cursed energy that leaks out as a part of their basic training.

Raw cursed energy can be utilized for its blunt force, but it's better for a sorcerer to manipulate its flow into a cursed technique. Cursed energy does not flow on its own within sorcerers, and requires the user to make it flow through each part of their body. A sorcerer must think of themselves as one entity along with their cursed energy in order to create an effective flow. within themselves

Cursed energy can be applied to physical attacks to increase their destructive power, and it can also be used defensively to harden the user's body. A jujutsu users strength is generally judged by their level of cursed energy.

Expected a martial arts series. Recommended by a friend. Watched by my sister.

Jujutsu and Jujitsu. Confused. Juju = Magic?

The Earth spirit+

Cursed Side of Humanity

Humans negative emotions - Curses

Throws you in the deep end. Yuji Itadori becomes Sakuna's vessel.

School supernatural club.

Sorcerers club.

Grade I curses. Pure power. No cursed techniques.

Junpei arc

Introducing the villain

Junpei's intro. Loss, intensity. Great Pretender. Junpei & Itadori. His mom. One episode.

Tokyo vs. Kyoto school arc

Characters.  Their techniques.

The ending. That last arc. Fushiguro's motivations.



Gojo standing on the dome.

The Curses with speech ability.

Something is coming.

Brothers for life