Evolving with Subtraction: A 2022 lesson

Deducting the inessential to focus on the essential.

Evolving with Subtraction: A 2022 lesson
Whitney on Lex Podcast (chosen over gaming)

As I look back to the past year, I am surprised to find that my focus had shifted from gaming to other horizons. Where the years since I got my PS4 and later the Xbox, it was dominant, this year was different. I found myself with more experiments and new experiences. I had not exactly planned for removing this, but found myself just divert that energy to other places.

I have come to understand that subtraction should be a crucial activity we should do. This simple concept of removing the unnecessary to make space for the essential will not only free up out time, but make us more productive. As you deduct more and more from your life, you will find more time to focus on that which requires your attention.

But sometimes, giving up old habits is quite hard. They get ingrained in our day-to-day life that it's easy to fall back to them. We always face resistance to change, to get out of our comfort zones. Ironically, the best way to subtract the non-essentials is to add something new.

Yes, in addition of a new habit, something productive, we will find ourselves with lesser time to waste. As we hone a new skill, which demands more and more of our time, we will find lesser time to play. Over the last year, I redirected my energy to experiments by trying our new formats for content creation (51 video shorts over 6 months), worked on managing a community (SingularityU), helped organize an extensive event with a 3 month program (The Legendary Innovators Program) and pushed my development skills with a number of micro projects. I ended up having less time to play and sadly, even lesser time to write (particularly on this blog). So many concepts remain half written in the archives.

One of the side effects of subtraction by addition is that if you do not pay attention to the process, you will invariantly lose out of a good habit. As time does not distinguish from the good or the bad, the choice is in your hands.

Going forward, my focus for 2023 is to hone this evolution and channel the energy towards creativity. At the core of all this, I hope to get back to writing more and make a consistent habit out of it. This is the year where I hope my new world will be formed.

To an amazing 2023! Subtract better and prosper.

Edited and republished on January 1st, 2024.