Atomic Snow #3: Ignorance's Bliss and Knowledge's Gift

Embracing the Power of Insight

Atomic Snow #3: Ignorance's Bliss and Knowledge's Gift
Ignorance is Bliss by Dare Artwear

I was once told that it is blissful to be ignorant. And indeed, I have found myself wishing that I had not gained Insight that breaks the illusion. Not knowing about certain dangers provided a sense of security, and protected me from the harsh realities of the world.

"Does it even exist if we do not have knowledge about it?"

We often filter our experiences and knowledge to fit our existing worldviews and belief systems. The longer we hold on to a belief, the more rooted it becomes, the harder it is to break. But what is absolute cannot be ignored. Often, learning something new changes our entire perception of the past. It creates a ripple in the space-time continuum and a lot of our memories need to be retroactively changed.

The game gets more difficult the more you know because now you have more to act on and you realize the actual magnitude of your ignorance. But once you have the Insight, you have the experience and you can play the game better. With knowledge often comes a heightened sense of awareness and, in some cases, a sense of responsibility. You see the matrix.

Now, you can take action and make the conscious choice about what information to engage with and when to step back. The choice is always yours!

While knowledge may expose us to the dangers of the world, it is never too late to experience the magic.

Until the next owl delivery,
Yours always,
Godric Snow

P.S. Special thanks to Dare for giving me some inspiration with their artwear. The cover image is part of their limited edition 2023 t-shirt collection. You can check them out on Instagram.