Atomic Snow #2: To Judge or Not To Judge

That is the question

Atomic Snow #2: To Judge or Not To Judge
Forgotten Book by Nimphradora

Judgment is part of our core human instinct. It has helped us survive and evolve through generations. We have honed this instinct so much that it is second nature to us. It has helped us find our tribe, our comfort zone and protect us from that which we think is dangerous.

But does it serve us or do we serve it? Judgment, being instinctual, is an involuntary reaction to each and every situation. There are times when it can help us evaluate a situation and identify opportunities and dangers, but on the flip side, if not well-formed, our judgments can do us more harm than good.

While snap judgments do have downsides, I have found it in my favor in a few occasions with books. I realize now that it is because it has been tailored in such a way as to appeal me. To be sold on the first impression of the cover apart from it's core content.

"Judge with logic and reason, but comment not." ~ Garrow, Eragon

Of course, it is with thought, empathy and actual experience rather than initial appearances that the final judgment should be made.

Closing on a totally random, musical note: Shauq, Qala (Amit Trivedi)

May your judgments be ever logical!

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