Atomic Snow #11: Seeking Answers

Hidden truths or Serendipity at play

Atomic Snow #11: Seeking Answers
Photo by Hadija / Unsplash

The last week started with quite an interesting Conversation. Ever since then, there have been a few questions nagging me. As the week passed, I started finding the answers when I least expected. Were the answers always there waiting for me or was it serendipity that I found them at the right place and the right time?

As I looked closely, I understood that some of my existing knowledge and experiences were waiting to be connected. As my subconscious mind processed information in the background, this web of dots formed a tapestry presenting the solution to me.

At the same time, I do not want to dismiss the role of serendipity as I had some totally random conversations, and chance encounters over the week that lead me to the answers I was seeking. It all seemed so obvious later and yet the process took some time and some contemplation.

Whether the solutions are found within the subconscious processing of existing knowledge, through random conversations, or just by pure chance, the interplay of these elements made the quest for answers quite a fun experience.

I See Everything, Hans Zimmer (Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows)

Perhaps, in the end, it's the combination of these factors that shapes the path of discovery, revealing that the answers are both waiting to be found and hidden within the unexpected parts of the journey.

All we need to do is keep an eye out and it shall find us.

Until the next owl delivery,
Keep questing,
Godric Snow

P.S. Hope this year is finding you having fun on the journey. It's sort of exciting, isn't it, being alive.