Exploring the possibilities of Zero O'Clock.

00:00 Zero o'Clock Godric Snow

There is a certain generation that is just obsessed with BTS. I see them listening to their songs and all that merch populating stores. I could never see the charm. This is maybe because I never took the time to listen and understand any of their songs. It was only when I wondered why a friend had a "00:00" tattoo and she pointed me to the BTS song that I got curious. She stressed that I should watch the lyric video and that I would understand after listening.

I started listening to the song, but felt called out with the opening lyrics. So, I chose to get my friend to join me as I listened.

The rest as they say is history.

A timeline where I have become a BTS fan

I could finally see the impact it could have on one so much so that they would want to get a reminder tattooed on them. For me, the song served as a reminder about time and it's possibilities. It may be painful today, we may find ourselves sad and down. The world may have been harsh and unforgiving. We go through the motions of the day waiting for the hours to end, waiting to get back home, and the clock turns and today ends.

It is the possibilities of tomorrow that midnight brings and with it we get a chance to sleep and dream. We can turn this all around. It's time to stop running and get to rest. To reset and restore our energy and sanity as we have another day. Every day is a gift and tomorrow even more so because we get to see it and at that one moment, at 00:00, we are at the crux of today and tomorrow.

"The world holds its breath for a second. Zero O'Clock."

I wondered why that particular time of the day, but the numbers itself held the answer. The whole clock resets to zero. It is poetic to wait for a time of the night, where the world goes silent for a moment. You may know I already have expressed my affinity for the night. To be given a time of the night, where the clock resets is just another layer to the already magical zero hour.

On a side note, the song did start running in my head after listening to it, and I stumbled upon the TinyTan animated version of it. This representation of the song in animation is just so dreamlike and is a treat. I wanted to share that with you as well. I have been told the whale in the song holds some significance to BTS. But that's a story to explore another day.

I hope that at whatever time you read this, remember it is 00:00 somewhere in the world. So, I hope your next moment brings a smile to your face. Your sadness shall pass, just as this moment. So, smile, smile for me, smile for you!

"When the song ends, another new song will begin."