My name is Godric Snow. I love exploring different worlds and discovering new stories, a desire long fulfilled by books. A Song of Ice and Fire and the Mistborn trilogy are two of my favorite book series (the actual list being even more long). It was natural to jump into games, where I got a chance to explore even further; not only live the story but be a part of it with my choices.

I got my PS4 a few years back and rediscovered my passion for gaming. This time around I also found a new hobby: Gametography. With Horizon Zero Dawn and it's photo mode, I discovered that in the process of taking game photos, I could capture moments in time, an emotion, a feeling and share the same with others. My love for Gametography blossomed even more after getting Assassin's Creed Origins.

Soon after, just like Alice falling down the rabbit hole, I fell into the Gametography community & it was like serendipity. I am proud to be a part of this community, where I found new friends and have been inspired day in and day out. I hope to share this journey with even more worlds, current and in the future.